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Film screening and discussions on Mai 23rd 2005
There's going to be a short screening of a film in English about the dams and an informal talk afterwards about the plans for protests in the highlands this summer.
Café Hljómalind, Laugavegur, Monday, 23rd May, 20.00.

A British MP joins the campaign agains dams in the Icelandic highlands
From the news release from the British MP Sue Doughty:
"Sue Doughty MP has tabled a Parliamentary motion calling on the British Government to use its diplomatic links with Iceland to persuade the Icelandic Government to terminate the building of a series of dams in the Icelandic Highlands.
The Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Minister and member of the influential Environmental Audit Select Committee has given her backing to campaigners in Iceland calling for international support in their opposition to the building of the dams, which will have a devastating effect on the Icelandic wilderness."
The news release on pdf-format (March 10th 2005)

Sue Doughty's answers (pdf) to Austin Mitchell's ammendments (March 17th), March 24th 2005.

In English

Kárahnjúkar dam

Karahnjukar Dam Project - Impacts Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA)

Environmental facts and figures of the Karahnjukar project Bird Life Iceland

Iceland´s endangered nature - Articles and information


News release from the British MP Sue Doughty when tabeling a Parliamentary motion calling on the British Government to use its diplomatic links with Iceland to persuade the Icelandic Government to terminate the building of a series of dams in the Icelandic Highlands, March 10th 2005.

Ice Burks! February 25th 2005
"Super-cool Iceland, the eco-tourists wet dream, right? Maybe not for much longer if the Icelandic government has its way"

Iceland under attack. Threatened protestors raise stakes, call for international protest January 26th 2005


Sigur Rós speak out against Kárahnjúkar dam


Self-sustaining Destruction! Facts of interest for participants at the meeting of The International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy. Press release from NatureWatch September 23rd 2004

[Australian] Greens join Iceland's dam-busters September 7th 2004

The Price of Wealth Economic development and environmental concerns square off in a remote, unspoiled region of Iceland. By Maryann Bird, Egilsstaðir Time Europe August 9th 2004

Iceland's Wilderness under attack by Einar Þorleifsson and Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson. World Birdwatch vol. 25 no. 2, June 2003.
Click here for a pdf-file

The land that will be destroyed by the Karahnjukar dam Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA)

The Icelandic Highlands in danger: Kárahnjúkar Dam

Flora of Iceland

The Icelandic Rift Industry versus natural splendor in a "progressive" nation by Jon Swan. Orion mars/apríl 2004

The Spin Doctor Is In: Examining Corporate PR at Bechtel "In the face of criticism over its controversial construction projects, Bechtel has taken media manipulation to the next level, employing a three-pronged approach to weaving a rosy story for the public and investors." CorpWatch: Holding Corporations Accountable April 28th 2004.

Nature in the Kingdom of Ends Where are we taking nature? Were is nature taking us? International conference on aesthetics and ethics of nature. Held in Selfoss, Iceland, June 11th and 12th 2004

Don't let the sun go down on Iceland Protest in London, March 3rd 2004


Power driven The Guardian Weekend November 29th 2003

Damned nation The Ecologist Dec. 2003/Jan. 2004 issue, December 5th 2003:
"Costing over $1 billion, the Karahnjukar hydroelectric dam in Iceland is a hugely controversial project. Mark Lynas investigates"

Icelandic dam saga raises hope and dread by Anna Peltola. Planet Ark October 9th 2003.

Environmental values: Two case studies: The Karahnjukar Dam and Whaling. Peter Singer's lecture held at the University of Iceland september 6th 2004. With an introduction by Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir

Violation of the Equator Principles by the $400 million loan to Landsvirkjun International Rivers Network July 18th 2003.

A Project on Thin Ice (Pdf) International Rivers Network (IRN) Linking Human Rights and Environmental Protection, June 2003

NGOs call on banks not to fund large dam and smelter project in Iceland March 13th 2003

Sigur Ros protest The Karahnjukar project January 1st 2003

Pink-footed Geese dammed by Icelandic power schemes Bird Life International January 15th 2003

Power project charges wildlife row BBC NEWS January 15th 2003

Bjork scorns "crazy" Icelandic smelter plan by Alex Kirby. BBC NEWS January 2nd 2003


Proposed Icelandic dam generates controversy by Salma Monani. Geotimes August 2002

Iceland Be Dammed (Abstract) Smithsonian Magazine June 2002

An Icelandic Battle of Wildlife Versus Voltage (Abstract) New York Times July 16th 2002

Fighting to Preserve the Magic of Iceland PANDA.ORG 2001-2002


The danger of Hydro The Ecologist November 1st 2001

Estimate of Profitability for The Karahnjukar Hydroelectric Power Plant by Þorsteinn Siglaugsson June 2001

National Report 2001: Biological Diversity in Iceland (pdf)


Iceland locked in national dam dispute CNN.COM - nature November 14th 2000

The world's largest rivers in danger

New dams are threatening the worlds largest rivers June 22nd 2004
Rivers at Risk. Dams and the future of freshwater ecosystems (pdf). WWF report
"The WWF report, Rivers at Risk, identifies the top 21 rivers at risk from dams being planned or under construction. It shows that over 60 per cent of the worlds 227 largest rivers have been fragmented by dams, which has led to the destruction of wetlands, a decline in freshwater species - including river dolphins, fish, and birds - and the forced displacement of tens of millions of people."


Megaprojects and Risk An Anatomy of Ambition. By Bent Flyvbjerg, Nils Bruzelius and Werner Rothengatter. Cambridge 2003.
"a fascinating account of how the promoters of multi-billion dollar megaprojects systematically and self-servingly misinform parliaments, the public and the media in order to get projects approved and built"

The Growth Illusion How Economic Growth has Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many, and Endangered the Planet. By Richard Douthwaite. Dartington Totnes, Devon, revised edition 1999 (1992).

Factor Four Doubling Wealth - Halving Resource Use. By Von Weizsacker, Amory B. Lovins & L. Hunter Lovins London 2001 (1998).

Icelandic Geographic 1st (2002), 2nd issue (2003), 3rd issue (2004)


Bechtel: Profiting from Destruction (pdf)

Iceland Worldwide

...but officially Iceland is: 'pure, natural, unspoiled. The way life should be'...

Látum öræfin vera! [= Dæm op for grådigheden - drukn ikke Islands naturperler!
= Let the Wilderness be!]

Hydroelectric power's dirty secret revealed by Duncan Graham-Rowe, NewScientist February 26th 2005

In Danish

Miljøaktivister i protest mod dansk byggefirma MetroXpressen November 28th 2002
"Modstanden med opførelsen af en af Europas største dæmninger i Island med store naturødeleggelser til følge er nået til Danmark."

In French

Le cas de Kárahnjúkar Hanna Steinunn Thorleifsdóttir and Camila Fernandez

Les barrages (1) : le cas du Karahnjukar en Islande. Terre à terre sur France Culture le 6 november 2004

Alerte à cause de risques d'inondations. Agence France-Presse August 7th 2004

L'Islande, terre d'eau. La Lettre de Sea River Juillet-Aout 2004,

En Islande, les écologistes ont pris l'eau Ils n'ont pu empêcher une construction dans la zone du plus grand glacier d'Europe. De Sylvie BRIET Libération June 17th 2004

In German

Naturdrohung bei Kárahnjúkar (Island) Die Naturwacht 6. janúar 2006

Hast du gewusst... Guðmundur Páll Ólafsson 3. janúar 2006

Millionenkredit der LBBW für Staudammprojekt in Island. Pressmitteilung von Fraktion Grüne im Landtag von Baden-Würrtemberg. Nr. 209/2003, 26. August 2003"
Das zweitgrößte Wildnisgebiet Europas wird zerstört - Steht die Prüfung der Umweltverträglichkeit bei Kreditvergaben nur auf dem Papier?"

Islands Natur soll der Wirtschaft weicher - deutche banken fördern mit von Margot Wilhelms. EcoNautix 15. August 2003.

Umweltschützer fürchten Artensterben für Getränkedosen Ngo-online 23. Juli 2003.

Island: Land unter am Vatnajökull von Reiner Klingholz. GEO no. 7 2002
"Wasserbau-Ingenieure und Naturschützer streiten um die Zukunft des Osten Islands. Die Regierung will das Biotop einem Wasserkraftwerk opfern, um ein gigantisches Aluminiumwerk anzusiedeln. Die Befürworter hoffen auf einen neuen Boom. Die Kritiker rechnen im schlimmsten Fall mit einer Staatspleite und einer ruinierten Wildnis von unschätzbarem Wert "

Karahnjukar darf nicht vergevaltigt werden

In Italian

Il paradiso non puo attendere by Susan de Muth [italian translation of Power Driven] in La Repubblica delle Donne - D Magazine Febuary 21st 2004 (bls. 96-102) [on weekends]

Questo progetto fa proprio acqua di Marina Forti. Amici dell´Islandia

Ciò che l'Islanda sta perdendo per sempre

Appello dall'Islandia by Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir

In Swedish

A story on Kárahnjúkavirkjun in svt aktuellt October 24th 2004. Begins 8:22 minutes into the program

Minister försvarar kraftprojekt Helsingborgs Dagblad September 18th 2004

Kraftverksbygge splittrar Island Dagens Nyheter September 17th 2004

Torgny Nordin om Islands regerings planer på bygga kraftverksdammar och aluminiumsmältverk i känslig natur Göteborgs-Posten January 25th 2004

Kontring Island måste få utnyttja sina naturtillgångar. Islänningarna bryr sig visst om sin natur. Det skriver energiföretaget Landsvirkjuns miljöchef i en replik till Torgny Nordin. By Ragnheiður Ólafsdóttir from The National Power Company. Göteborgs-Posten March 22nd 2004

Nationalistiskt utbrott från makteliten. Torgny Nordin menar att frågan om exploateringen av det isländska höglandet är långt mer komplicerad än Ragnheidur Ólafsdóttir framställer den. Göteborgs-Posten March 23rd 2004